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Cranio Sacral Therapy

Gently relieve your stress...

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle method that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to relieve the negative effects of stress on the central nervous system.

Using a light touch, we can monitor the craniosacral system to detect restrictions and imbalances. This helps your body achieve its greatest potential.

The craniosacral system plays a role in the way the central nervous system functions. It consists of membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord, including the bones of the skull, face, mouth, and the tailbone area.

A subtle yet effective technique, Craniosacral therapy can be a profound component of your personal wellness program.

Craniosacral therapy can help alleviate:

  • Stress and tension
  • Motor-coordination problems
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) pain

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