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Why Acupuncture

  • Safe: Acupuncture is proven to be one of the safest therapies available, used by millions of people all over the world for centuries with virtually no side effects. I use sterile single use disposable needles.
  • Efficacy: One of the oldest and most used forms of medicine. It has stood the test of time. Multiple studies have shown it to be effective for a wide range of health conditions.
  • Natural: Acupuncture is able to incorporate the most powerful healing tool you have: Your own Body. It guides your body’s healing resources and taps into our body’s natural healing mechanisms. It can help in any situation.
  • Feel: Acupuncture is an extremely relaxing therapy. It is rejuvenating and effects a Zen like relaxation.
  • Pain management: Acupuncture is very effective at helping to relieve chronic and acute pain without the side effects of drugs. Working with my patients to get to the root of the problem to achieve healing and optimum function.
  • Mental Health: Acupuncture is extremely helpful at regulating the bodies chemical balance and provides a natural solution to many problems such as: Anxiety, depression, addiction, insomnia, as well as many others.
  • Digestive problems: Acupuncture is especially effective with chemical imbalance in the digestive tract as well. Acupuncture can provide relief from conditions such as: IBS, acid reflux, gas, bloating, belching, and many others.
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Moxibustion: Treats and prevents disease by applying heat to points or certain locations on the body. Artemisia vulgaris is a species of chrysanthemum, and “moxa cones” and “moxa Sticks” are made of this plant. It is used for:

    • Warming the meridians
    • Inducing the smooth flow of Qi and blood
    • Helping to prevent disease and keep your body healthy.

Placing a moxa cone on a certain point and lighting it can produce dramatic results. Tracing a meridian with a moxa stick can help to remove restrictions in a meridian.

Cupping: the ancient art of cupping is popular these days. Attaching a glass jar to the skin surface creating a partial vacuum promotes the flow of Qi and blood in the meridians. Cupping is particularly effective in helping with inflammation and chronic pain. It also addresses gastrointestinal disorders and colds and flu.

Electro Acupuncture: this is a technique where electrical current is passed through acupuncture needles which act on meridian points or muscle tissue. Small electrodes are placed on acupuncture needles and is used in the treatment of pain for a therapeutic of an anesthetic affect.

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Community Acupuncture


Community acupuncture is given in a setting where multiple patients receive treatment at the same time.

Through financially sustainable and accountable means, consistent hours, frequent treatment, and affordable services. This allows acupuncture to be accessible and lowers barriers to treatment for as many people as possible.

Community acupuncture is a relationship between community and acupuncturist.

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